16.8. MusicSunday with Aavikko and O Samuli A

The last week of summer is here! Sunday is the grade finale for MusicSundays AND summer exhibition AVANTGARDEVEKKULA. Aavikko and O Samuli A play at Haihatus’ MusicSunday and Sumuposauttaja takes care of the after party in Ravintola Kellari. Besides these fabulous shows, there is also a little bit extra! Lauteilla is a play that presents former Finnish presidents Kekkonen, Mannerheim and Ryti enjoying sauna. The whole play is performed in sauna, so it will be an unique experience for all of us!

With the concert ticket, you are also allowed to see the Haihatus summer exhibition AVANTGARDEVEKKULA without any extra charge. So why not take the advantage and enjoy the whole Haihatus experience in one day! The exhibition closes before the MusicSunday event starts so be early if you wish to see the exhibition too.

Come! See! Experience! Haihatus!

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