KITA OPEN – Multi art picnic 6.-7.8.

Teemu Siika (Helsinki) * Justyna Koeke (Poland/Germany) * Tomasz Szrama (Poland/Finland) * Antti Viitala (Oulu) * Hojutron (Joutsa) * Mimosa Pale (Joutsa)

KITA OPEN multi-art picnic celebrates the beginning of the new gallery by inviting art lovers from near and far to Joutsa. The event is an inclusive and free multi-arts event that takes place in KITA’s garden and at different locations in Joutsa village. Kalle and Pauliina Turakka Purhonen act as patrons of the open croquet tournament! The dress code for the event is “Wild treasures of the wardrobe”. The program includes performances and musical acts. The follow-up club of the picnic takes place at the Kellari restaurant in the center of Joutsa.

The list of performers is updated on Facebook – feel free to offer the program to! KITA OPEN also heats up the old renovated undeground sauna for picnic guests on Sunday! In the yard it is possible to grill, swim and enjoy the August weekend! The picnic starts on Saturday 6.7. at 15:00 and ends on Sunday at 17:00. The gallery is open as usual during the event.

Welcome to KITA OPEN!