Art Center Haihatus

Haihatus Art Center and Residency is an inspiring, relaxed, and international art centre and residence in Joutsa, Finland, that hosts different kinds of cultural events. Haihatus is a great, communal place where art, in all of its forms, is the driving force. The art centre and residence is a non-profit organisation that is run by volunteers’ and artists’ help. Haihatus is located in a beautiful, rural part of Central Finland with inspiring Finnish nature surrounding the residence. In our art centre, you can focus on your art without interruptions, get inspired by the gorgeous nature and find new international friends and professional connections!

We welcome new artists and arts students from all art disciplines to join our residence programme — apply now:

Risto Puurunen is the owner and “tirehtööri “(director) of Haihatus. Photo: Tuomo Vuoteenoma



Need some time off, or some personal space? Maybe a getaway for Christmas? We welcome professional artists and art students of all disciplines and nationalities to submit their applications to the international Haihatus Artist Residency in fall, winter and spring from 2023 to 2024 (November-April). The individual residency periods are one to three months long. …

Summer 2023: Kaiken takana / Beyond Everything

“Beyond Everything” 17.6 – 27.8.2023  The 24th Fine Arts Summer Exhibition in Art Center Haihatus, Joutsa, Finland  Art Center Haihatus’s “Beyond Everything” is bringing over 40 artists to Joutsa, Finland. The fine arts group exhibition is held 17.6-27.8. The multidisciplinary Fine Arts Summer Exhibition Beyond Everything focuses on powers that influence the world behind our …

Haihatus ja Joutsan kunta yhteistyöhön Joutopäivien järjestämiseksi

Haihatus ja Joutsan kunta ovat sopineet yhteistyöstä vuoden 2023 Joutsan Joutopäivien järjestämiseksi. Tulevan kesän Joutopäivät järjestetään lauantaina 1.7. – sunnuntaina 2.7.2023 Haihatuksessa ja lähialueella. 51-vuotiaat Joutopäivät tulevat tänä vuonna olemaan yhdistelmä uutta ja vanhaa. Luvassa on elävästä kyläkulttuuriperinnöstä ammentavia “nostalgianostoja”, paikallistuotteiden; lähiruuan, juoman ja käsitöiden tori, musiikkia, sirkusta, taidetta, kisailuja, yhdessä olemista ja tekemistä. Joutopäivien …


Jousitie 68-70
FI-19650 Joutsa

KITA, Tokerontie 11, Joutsa

p. 040 – 1531488 (Mon – Fri at 12-16)

haihatus (at)
residency (at)


Haihatus is located in a rural municipality of Joutsa. The distance from Helsinki is 200 km and from the nearest city Jyväskylä 70 km. There are good daily express coach services and you´ll reach Joutsa by bus in 3 hours from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. There are supermarkets, shops, flea markets, restaurants cafes, a good library and a twice a week cinema in Joutsa. Nature in Joutsa is beautiful and the seasonal change is very impressive. There are forests to ramble and lakes to swim – or ski and ice skate in winter.

Helsinki 200 km
Lahti 100 km
Jyväskylä 70 km

How to arrive by bus

You can also reach Haihatus by bus. Choose a bus which destination is Joutsa or a bus that goes via Joutsa.
Visit Onnibus website for tickets and timetables.
The fare from Helsinki is usually less than 20 € and takes between 2 to 3 hours.

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