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A more detailed accessibility guide in Finnish here

Accessibility information in Finnish here

Art Centre Haihatus is located on the premises of an old hospital, 1km from the centre of Joutsa. There is an unpaved parking space inside the area.

The exhibitions take place in various buildings around the area, as well as outside. Passage in the area and between the buildings goes through sand trails and on grass. The ITE-artfield is literally on a field, where the routes are cut on grass.

Most entrances have a few or more stairs. The Fantasia -building has a wooden ramp that is 94cm wide. Both the ramp and the entrance have a 5cm threshold. The Galleria -building has a ramp entrance at the side door on demand. Ask the staff for help!

Doorways between the exhibition rooms are 80cm at the narrowest. The thresholds are 7cm at highest. There are separate darkened rooms with video works. The videos may include strong lights. The most accessible building in Fantasia, where there are no thresholds indoors. There are pet animals in Haihatus.

There are 3 toilets in the Galleria -building and one in the Fantasia -house . All of them are gender neutral. Toilets in the Galleria have doorways that are 60cm wide and thresholds that are 5 – 7cm high. The toilet closest to the entrance (C6) is 95cm wide wall to wall. There is app 25cm distance to the walls on both sides of the seat. The distance between the seat and the sink is 90cm. The other toilets (B6 and B5) are wider, leaving app 40cm on both sides of the seats. Distance between the seat and the sink is app 50cm. The toilet in Fantasia -house is wheelchair accessible. The door is 80cm wide and the threshold 2cm high. There is 45cm on the right of the seat, 70cm on the left, and 100cm in front.

Art Centre Haihatus aims to develop its accessibility as much as possible. Please contact us if you want to inquire further, or to leave feedback!