Jari Johannes is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Jyväskylä, whose recognizable style has aroused admiration in album covers, printed publications and as electronic art. His art is a combination of op art and fantastic absurdism. He works intensively with KITA and contributes with his graphic works to the creation of the overall artwork of House of Kinetic Arts.

Antti Immonen is a sculptor and visual artist from Kuopio, whose works have been seen in many art exhibitions and numerous public sculptures in Finland. Immonen sovereignly masters many methods, several materials and the use of electromechanical elements. His works embody the artist’s interest in natural sciences and fiction. Their topics are the relationships between nature, man and technology. He has a long history of making kinetic sculptures and one of these, Freedom in a Well, from 2017, has been acquired for Kiasma’s collections. His works are also in the art collections of HAM, the Sara Hildén Foundation, the Kuopio and Lahti art museums, and the state art collections. Immonen was the chairman of Kuopio kuvataiteilijat ry – Ars Libera in 2007-2008 and is a member of the Finnish Sculpture Association and Dimensio ry.

Kati Hyyppä works with electronic art, often material-oriented, inspired by recycled objects. His works and workshops with people of different ages invite us to think about our relationship with technology, often from a humorous point of view. Making by hand is an important part of thinking for Kati, and she uses electronics and code as well as wood and textiles as materials. The work in the exhibition “Haloo, kuuleeko metsä?” was built in the summer of 2020 in Lichtenberg, Berlin, where he lives and works. The work is produced for the exhibition by KITA’s partner Käsityökoulu Robotti.

Mimosa Pale is a visual artist who moved to Joutsa in 2022. He is interested in public space interventions and the relationship of movement and the body to sculpture. The artist, who has been influential in Germany for a long time, has implemented a cross-art hat shop in Berlin, curated an art festival in the Black Forest and participated in many international performance festivals. He sees interactivity and cooperation as an important part of artistic work.

Walerija Peter is a visual artist originally from Kazakhstan. She works with sculpture, video performance and graphics. The artist working in Germany uses his background as a glass artist in his art and has taught the techniques he developed internationally. In his installations, he thematizes multi-rootedness and the contradictions of life and intensively refines his materials and themes, revealing their deeper essence.

Tuomo Vuoteenoma works as the artistic director of KITA as well as an artist. He works on performative sculptures with his mixed waste method. He has curated numerous Avantgardevekkula concept exhibitions, as well as the two most recent Haihatus summer exhibitions. KITA acts as a natural continuum of Vuoteenoma’s multi-artistic production, which has typically combined art events, performance and kinetic art exhibitions.

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