Avantgardevekkula: Burning desire 12.6.-29.8.2021

Haihatus Art Center’s Summer Exhibition opens on June 12th and is open until August 29th. The exhibition can be visited from Wednesdays to Sundays from 11:00 to 18:00. Welcome!

The theme of the Avantgardevekkula -summer exhibition is “Burning Desire” and it is curated by multiartist Tuomo Vuoteenoma. Participating artists are Heta Bilaletdin, Petri Eskelinen, Terhi Ekebom & Sebastian Boulter, Harrie Liveart, Sini Havukainen, Meri Hietala & Antti Ahonen, Hanna Hyy, Marika Kaarna, Kallo Collective, Sakari Kannosto, KOELSE, Lanka Palaa, Henna Nerg, Arttu Nieminen, Benjamin Nozdrachev, Jaakko Pietiläinen, Jonne Pitkänen & Eeva-Liisa Puhakka, Risto Puurunen, Iiris Elena Rusi, Teemu Siika, Teemu Tanner, Anssi Taulu, Kaasu Virtanen, Voimametsä, Tero Vänttinen, Vesa Väänänen and Jenni Yppärilä

The Finnish society along with most Western societies, has for decades been able to provide basic needs for a larger part of their population. Things like housing, nourishment, safety and education are seen as necessary needs to be met for the society to function. Humane life includes a limited amount of possibilities, some of which can be defined as innate needs or desires. Along with material abundance, a large number of more complex and advanced needs have emerged. And for a long time, these needs have also been smuggled in our daily lives, gaining profit to others.

Avantgardevekkula: Burning Desire looks at these scorching human needs through sculpture, installation, image and sound. The exhibition is composed of artists and groups who convey experience, feeling and visions of the different levels of needs, and how they affect the surroundings. They show how in some circumstances the fulfilling of needs becomes a problem, and what it might mean to actually fulfill an insatiable desire.

Avantgardevekkula is a carnival of art that festively combines the high and the low. We want to fade off titles, accomplishments and preconceptions so that we could all go back to the original idea of wonder and contemplation through empathy. Art is a resource that can help us take down material and immaterial fences.

Along with the exhibition a wide scale of happenings and events will take place at Haihatus Art Center, from Live Music Sundays to Avantgarde Obscura -festival and miscellaneous events. Our goal is to encourage free and self-initiated artistic operations and to foster strength of the spirit. Follow the events of the summer through our social medias on FB, IG and our website.

For Media:

Burning Desire -exhibion photos and other media can be found here.

Tuomo Vuoteenoma
Curator of Avantgardevekkula
kuraattori@haihatus.fi +358 50 369 3839

Risto Puurunen
Chairman of Haihatuksen Henki ry board
risto@haihatus.fi  / +358 400 858 639

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