HAIHATUS25 Exhibition Catalogue 2024

HAIHATUS25 Exhibition Catalogue 2024

KITA: Summer Exhibition 2024

KITA-gallery – Summer Exhibition 2024 – Artists 2024 

Eye-popping Invisibility at KITA

This summer, the House of Kinetic Art is hosting a summer exhibition on the theme Invisibility. The works spread from the roof of the gallery all the way to the beach water. The artists of the exhibition are Elisa Hillgen, Mari Hokkanen, Marianne Kurki, Antti Kytömäki, Mimosa Pale, Marloes Van Son, Kestutis Svirnelis and Tuomo Vuoteenoma.

But what is invisibility? Good or bad thing? Every person sometimes dreams of invisibility, how to be a fly on the roof when something hidden happens. Something that only the imagination can reach. Invisibility is the missing piece, the fact that something essential is surprisingly invisible. Invisibility is not non-existence, there can be smoke without fire.

Artists are often enticed to work for free, to create works of art, which are served in exchange for visibility in connection with the respective issue. In the former case, the reward remains invisible.

At Kitagalleria’s summer exhibition, eight excellent artists offer wonderful works of art to the public. Everything you can’t see, on the other hand, belongs to the theme of the exhibition, i.e. Invisibility. Experiencing a work of art often requires deepening, stopping and time, when thoughts and, in the best case, imagination try to fill in possible gaps. Experiencing an art exhibition is exactly this at its sweetest: the pieces of the body of work confuse thoughts and feelings individually, so that each experiencer’s exhibition experience is very intimate and personal. “Art is a lie that helps us see the truth” – Pablo Picasso

Welcome to the exhibition! t. Tuomo Vuoteenoma / KITA

KITA is a Museokortti (Museum Card) destination. The summer exhibition of 2024 has been supported by the Taiteen Edistämiskeskus (Arts Promotion Centre Finland).

Exhibition open 15.6.- 25.8.2024 from Tue to Sun 11-18

Kuva KITA-gallerian talosta.



LUMIKITA, the community snow art event, will be organized on Sunday, February 25, 2024. A prep party will be held on the previous days, Friday & Saturday, February 23 & 24.

Everyone who wants to can take part in building the snow sculptures, castles, and a common large sledding hill. Lumikita includes a downhill race, snowmobile sleigh rides, ice sculptures, carousel sledding, sausage roasting and other fun things! Lumikita values community and making a free event for everyone!

Participating are: Haihatus Art Centre, Cafe Meijerinliiteri, Lumikissat, Joutsa parish, Restaurant Huttula, Joutsa municipality, and private individuals.

If you have a fun idea suitable for a snow event, please contact us so that we can try to incorporate it into the plan together!

Planning meeting: Wednesday, 24.1.2024 from 18-19 at Restaurant Huttula. Welcome!

For more information contact Mimosa Pale at mimosa@haihatus.fi, 04578373742 or Nina Kuikka at the Joutsa library 040 725 8056 / nina.kuikka@joutsa.fi.

LUMIKITA event on facebook

Wednesday, 24.1.2024 – planning meeting in Huttula restaurant from 18-19
Friday, 23.2.2024 – prep party from 10.00-15.00 (come when you can)
Saturday, 24.2.2024 – prep party from 10.00-15.00 (come when you can)
Sunday, 25.2. 2024 – Lumikita snow event from 10:00-13:00

KITA: Summer Exhibition 2023

KITA – House of Kinetic Art’s summer exhibition “Interventilaatio” is closed now. We thank all the wonderful guests and welcome you to visit our next exhibition in summer 2024!

The exhibition is an independent part of the summer exhibition “Beyond Everything” at the Haihatus Art Centre. KITA OPEN -multiartfest is the closing event of the exhibition on 26-27.8.2023.

The 2023 summer exhibition will focus on the alliance between kinetic art and immersiveness and mixes two inherently interactive and playful artistic mindsets. The exhibition includes performative sculptures and installations, sound artworks and multi-sensory experiential spaces that invite visitors to immerse themselves deeper into the floors of the building. The works are site-specific, inspired by the details of the KITA building and its surroundings, and this summer will even extend to the KITA’s waterfront. The movement-based works work with a variety of mechanics, materials, physical phenomena and analogue electrical devices. The exhibition is created by a cast of artists known from kinetic art and immersive theatre: Erik Alalooga, Artemisia Vulgaris collective, Johanna Latvala, Henna Matanuska, Panu Ollikainen, Essi Pitkänen, Jenni Sormunen, Antti Tolvi and KITA’s artistic director Tuomo Vuoteenoma.

KITA was opened to the public in 2022 when a residential building that had been deserted for decades was renovated into an exhibition space for kinetic art.The surprising dimensions of the gallery and its location on a spectacular waterfront plot at the corner of Nelostie and Joutsansalmi make KITA a special place to visit.

Instagram: @kitagalleria
KITA 17.6.-27.8.2023 / opening hours: wed-sun 11-18 / midsummer holiday 23.-25.6 closed
KITA OPEN -multiartfest 26.-27.8.2023
For information and interview requests: Tuomo Vuoteenoma +358 50 3693839, kita@haihatus.fi
Tickets: 10 € / 8 € / Haihatus joint ticket 20€ – KITA is a Museum Card (museokortti) destination.
Address: Tokerontie 11, 19650 Joutsa

INTERVENTILAATIO, a new kinetic art exhibition playfully twisting senses with immersive elements KITA 17.6 -27.8.2023 Artists: Panu OllikainenArtemisia Vulgaris -collective, Erik AlaloogaAntti TolviJohanna LatvalaEssi PitkänenJenni Sormunen and Tuomo Vuoteenoma. The Exhibition is curated by Tuomo Vuoteenoma.

KITA Summer Exhibition 2022


The artists in the gallery’s first exhibition are Kati Hyyppä, Jari Johannes, Antti Immonen, Mimosa Pale, Walerija Peter and Tuomo Vuoteenoma, last of whom being the artistic director of the house. The exhibition features kinetic sculptures, installations, graphics, sound and light art, and performances.

Kita opens in Joutsa, right next to E75 road on the lakeside. The house has been abandoned for decades and has lately been converted as a special gallery of kinetic arts . The roots of specializing in kinetic art can be found in years of work on the Haihatus’ Avantgardevekkula exhibition concept, where one emphasis has been on kinetic sculptures and installations. It is an art exhibition that encourages human curiosity, with works that are visually impressive but also with challenging contents.

Kita is open 2.7. – 7.8. Wed-Sun 11-18 and August weekends Sat-Sun 11-18. The exhibition can be found at Tokerontie 11, Joutsa. A café and toilet facilities as well as a parking space for cars are located in the vicinity of nearby Huttula -restaurant.

Tickets: 10/5 €. KITA is a Museum Card destination.

Kita’s operations have been strongly supported by Restaurant Huttula by handing over its property to Haihatus and the LEADER support granted by the Central Finlands ELY Center.

For more information, please contact Tuomo Vuoteenoma, kita@haihatus.fi

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