Culture Association

The driving force behind Haihatus is a non-profit registered cultural association Haihatuksen henki ry. The artist-driven association was founded 29.3.2003 and it was registered 5.3.2004. Since the year 2008, the association has managed everything in Haihatus.

The purpose of Haihatuksen henki ry, is to encourage making, performing, and publishing arts but also to conduct art projects and events.

How to become a member

We welcome all art-lovers to become supporting members of the association. Supporting members have a free access to Haihatus’ summer exhibitions and receive the latest news of Haihatus events. Supporting members also have right to participate in association’s meetings.

The membership fee in 2024 is 30€ per person and 50€ per community.

You can join by sending your information to Haihatus via email to or by buying a membership in Haihatus shop.

Association’s board

Board members:
Risto Puurunen, chairman
Sami Heino, vice-chairman
Virpi Lehto, board member
Tiina Edelman, board member
Ella Keihäsniemi, alternate board member

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