Sound Installation by Jaakko Autio

Harmony in Displacement is an sound installation by Jaakko Autio, premiering at the Haihatus Summer Exhibition from June 15th to August 28th, 2024. The piece is produced in collaboration between Ukrainians, Finns, Russians and Estonians from Joutsa.

Harmony in Displacement is a communal sound art piece addressing human belonging in the world. The work gently challenges assumptions about otherness and aims to dismantle invisible barriers between us. Harmony in Displacement creates space for diverse geopolitical backgrounds and stories. At its core is the simultaneity of diverse and shared humanity.

Harmony in Displacement is a 20-channel outdoor sound installation featuring a new choir arrangement, based on a 180-year-old Ukrainian folk song where a mother lulls her child to sleep. The arranged piece is by Anna Voutilainen, who also conducted the choir during the recordings at Haihatus in May 2024. The installation includes singing, talking, and interview material. The work has no fixed time duration; it opens from the moment when the visitor enters the installation space at Haihatus amphitheater. Visitors are invited to rest and linger by the installation.

Jaakko Aution installaatiosta kuva. Kuvassa valkoiset kaiuttimet Haihatuksen Voimametsässä.
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