KITA – House of Kinetic Arts

Welcome to KITA! The House of Kinetic Art exhibits art based on movement  that combines the forces of nature.

KITA also happens in winter!


KITA – House of Kinetic Art and Art Institute Haihatus and the municipality of Joutsa organize the Lumikita event around the lower shore of Huttula. We invite hobby associations and private individuals from nearby regions to join. You can freely come up with ideas for winter activities for the event, which will be carried out by the team. Welcome aboard!

Winter fun for the whole family in the surroundings of the House of Kinetic Art ( Street adress: Tokerontie 11, 19650 Joutsa, Finland):

Wed 18.1. at 18:00 a planning meeting open to all interested parties in Huttula (Rantatie 21)

Sat 4.2. and Sun 5.2. Collective prep party to realize the Lumikita event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.: making slides, snow sculptures and a snow maze, etc.

Sat 11.2. at 18: Elämän_lanka: Opening of Tuomo Vuoteenoma’s art exhibition

Sun 12.2. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. LUMIKITA winter fun: sledding hills * snow maze * snow castles and snowmen * sculptures from snow and ice * light art * art exhibition at KITA * Snow cats organizes snowmobile – sleigh rides * sausage roasting on a campfire and hot drinks for sale * food, warm-up and toilet facility in Huttula gas station nearby * more information Mimosa Pale: / 045-78373742


The artists in the gallery’s first exhibition are Kati Hyyppä, Jari Johannes, Antti Immonen, Mimosa Pale, Walerija Peter and Tuomo Vuoteenoma, last of whom being the artistic director of the house. The exhibition features kinetic sculptures, installations, graphics, sound and light art, and performances.

Kita opens in Joutsa, right next to E75 road on the lakeside. The house has been abandoned for decades and has lately been converted as a special gallery of kinetic arts . The roots of specializing in kinetic art can be found in years of work on the Haihatus’ Avantgardevekkula exhibition concept, where one emphasis has been on kinetic sculptures and installations. It is an art exhibition that encourages human curiosity, with works that are visually impressive but also with challenging contents.

Kita is open 2.7. – 7.8. Wed-Sun 11-18 and August weekends Sat-Sun 11-18. The exhibition can be found at Tokerontie 11, Joutsa. A café and toilet facilities as well as a parking space for cars are located in the vicinity of nearby Huttula -restaurant.

Tickets: 10/5 €. KITA is a Museum Card destination.

Kita’s operations have been strongly supported by Restaurant Huttula by handing over its property to Haihatus and the LEADER support granted by the Central Finlands ELY Center.

For more information, please contact Tuomo Vuoteenoma, Artistic Director, at:



KITA OPEN -multi arts picnic was held on 6.-7.8. In the pictures, you can see instaces of Tomasz Szrama performance at Joutsa abandoned Mall. Photos: Antti Immonen

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