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The activity of Haihatus also includes the House of Kinetic Arts KITA, established in 2022, which is located right next to main road “Nelostie” (E75). The gallery, specializing in moving art, presents a summer exhibition this year with the theme of Invisibility. The artworks extend from the gallery’s roof all the way to the shoreline. The two-story house continuously adapts to the needs of kinetic contemporary art and artists.

 The artists invited to the summer 2024 exhibition are Elisa Hillgen, Mari Hokkanen, Jari Johannes, Marianne Kurki, Antti Kytömäki, Mimosa Pale, Marloes Van Son, Kestutis Svirnelis, and the artistic director of KITA Gallery, Tuomo Vuoteenoma.


During the summer, music events and spontaneous performances are organized in the vicinity of KITA Gallery. The annually expanding sculpture garden in the courtyard also serves as a splendid picnic and leisure spot. Bring your own snacks or pick them up from the nearby restaurant Huttula and enjoy a day filled with art by the lakeside of KITA Gallery.

 KITA is a Museokortti (Museum Card) destination. The summer exhibition of 2024 has been supported by the Taiteen Edistämiskeskus (Arts Promotion Centre Finland). More information here


Tokerontie 11, Joutsa

Ticket Prices

Basic ticket 15 €

Discount Ticket * 10 €

Children 5 € (7-15 years old)


KITA Family Ticket 2 adults + 2 children:

30 € (more children +5 €/child)

* Students, retirees, unemployed, and individuals requiring personal assistance (the assistant gets in for free when accompanying the person needing assistance).

Joint Tickets

Joint Ticket, HAIHATUS + KITA:

Basic Joint Ticket 20 €

Discount Ticket 15 € *

Children 7,50 € (7-15 years old)

Family Joint Ticket 2 adults + 2 children, HAIHATUS + KITA:

40 € (more children +7,50 €/child)

Open Hours




11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Exceptions in opening hours:

  • Opening Party 14.6.
  • Midsummer 21.-23.6. CLOSED

KITA – The House of Kinetic Arts is an art gallery dedicated to kinetic art.  KITA is situated Joutsa, optimally next to highway 4 (E75) on the lakeside. The gallery is constructed in an abandoned house, which has been lately recovered by local Arts Center Haihatus. The exhibition encourages human curiosity in natural phenomena. The house is full of art machines, kinetic illusions and other specimens of fascinating multi-arts artefacts.

Kuva KITA-gallerian talosta.
The surprising dimensions of the gallery and its location on a spectacular waterfront plot at the corner of Nelostie (route E75) and Joutsansalmi make KITA a special place to visit


HAIHATUS25 Exhibition Catalogue 2024

HAIHATUS25 Exhibition Catalogue 2024

HAIHATUS25 Exhibition Catalogue 2024

KITA: Summer Exhibition 2024

KITA: Summer Exhibition 2024

KITA-gallery – Summer Exhibition 2024 – Artists 2024  Eye-popping Invisibility at KITA This summer,…



LUMIKITA, the community snow art event, will be organized on Sunday,…

KITA exhibitions include performative sculptures and installations, sound artworks and multi-sensory experiential spaces that invite visitors to immerse themselves deeper into the floors of the building. The works are site-specific, inspired by the details of the KITA building and its surroundings. The movement-based works work with a variety of mechanics, materials, physical phenomena and analogue electrical devices.

Kita is located in Joutsa, right next to E75 road on the lakeside. KITA was opened to the public in 2022 when a residential building that had been deserted for decades was renovated into an exhibition space for kinetic art. The roots of specializing in kinetic art can be found in years of work on the Haihatus’ Avantgardevekkula exhibition concept, where one emphasis has been on kinetic sculptures and installations. It is an art exhibition that encourages human curiosity, with works that are visually impressive but also with challenging contents.

Kita’s operations have been strongly supported by Restaurant Huttula by handing over its property to Haihatus and the LEADER support granted by the Central Finlands ELY Center.
KITA is a Museum Card (museokortti) destination.
For more information, please contact Tuomo Vuoteenoma, Artistic Director, at:

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