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KITA-gallery – Summer Exhibition 2024 – Artists 2024 

Elisa Hillgén

Elisa Hillgén is a visual artist from Mikkeli, Finland, her main focus being in light art. Her work explores the dialogue between light and material, reflections, shadows and other light phenomena. In addition to her own art, Hillgén works as a lighting designer and operates on projects for urban lighting development. Hillgen is also producing cultural events. She is active in art related associations, for example, as a member of board in the Finnish Society of Light Art.

Mari Hokkanen

The works of Helsinki-based photographer Mari Hokkanen are characterised by their performativity. Her work is based on subjective and expressive interpretations and rearrangements of the world. Improvisation and experimental use of materials are her typical working methods. Behind the sets made of recycled materials and bright colours, a dark message is often hidden, softened by a naïve expression. Hokkanen works with various photographic techniques, video, textiles and sculptural photography.

Marianne Kurki

Marianne Kurki is a Helsinki-based visual artist, graphic designer and DJ. 

Her boundary-breaking visual approach to art-making stems from her work in painting, serigraphy, photography and installations. More recently, Kurki has focused on tufting rugs and textile art. In tufting, Kurki likes to play and experiment with different textures, colours and patterns. Her art offers perspectives on things both familiar and elusive – glimpses of a dream world where the city at night, neon lights and the absurdity of human nature meet.

Antti Kytömäki

Antti Kytömäki is a Helsinki based multidisciplinary visual artist and musician whose kinetic sculptures invite the collision of art and technology, creating sensory experiences for viewers. Kytömäki pays close attention to the rhythms and flows of everyday environments, attendant to the choreographies of movement and affective atmosphere that make up human spheres and the natural world. Drawing from these minute observations, Kytömäki’s works are characterised by syncopated rearrangements of the ordinary. Not without humour, Kytömäki displaces beats of the uneventful, unnoticed and overlooked to wondrous effect. His works are included in collections in Finland and abroad.

Mimosa Pale

Mimosa Pale is a community artist working in sculpture and performance art. Elements of movement and transformation are at the core of her work. A three-year stint in Berlin as a multi-artist hatter turned her into a socially oriented community artist. Pale works and lives with her family in Joutsa, and collaborates with the Art Centre Haihatus and the House of Kinetic Art KITA. She is a member of the all-female artist collective Artemisia Vulgaris.

Marloes van Son

Marloes van Son creates sound-objects, instruments and experimental music. Her artistic practice combines electronics, woodwork and sound in varying combinations. Through her work she explores everyday appliances and situations. She is fascinated by interactions between humans and technology and is currently obsessed with interface design.

Kestutis Svirnelis

Kęstutis Svirnelis from Lithuania, works on kinetic sculpture in Stuttgart. His work deals with consumer society, democracy and the role of the human being in them. In his own words, he is producing absurd art for an absurd world. The impressive artworks are composed with materials, movement and form: recycled materials alongside precious materials and the subsequent movements bring up multiple meanings and performative tones. His works are often air-filled, moving plastic objects, as seen in Kitagalleria’s summer show – which is Kęstutis Svirnelis’ first exhibition in Finland.

Tuomo Vuoteenoma

Tuomo Vuoteenoma is a multi-artist from Joutsa and the artistic director of Kitagalleria. He applies a wide range of materials to his sculptures, which are often inspired by imaginative and fictional frame stories. The works are almost always movement-based. Trained as an industrial designer and worked as a musician, he has subsequently combined his creative powers into a distinctive visual art practice at Kitagalleria, where he produces several works each year. His art can be seen in galleries and cultural centres all over Finland.

KITA-gallery – Summer Exhibition 2024 – Artists 2024 

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