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Eye-popping Invisibility at KITA

This summer, the House of Kinetic Art is hosting a summer exhibition on the theme Invisibility. The works spread from the roof of the gallery all the way to the beach water. The artists of the exhibition are Elisa Hillgen, Mari Hokkanen, Marianne Kurki, Antti Kytömäki, Mimosa Pale, Marloes Van Son, Kestutis Svirnelis and Tuomo Vuoteenoma.

But what is invisibility? Good or bad thing? Every person sometimes dreams of invisibility, how to be a fly on the roof when something hidden happens. Something that only the imagination can reach. Invisibility is the missing piece, the fact that something essential is surprisingly invisible. Invisibility is not non-existence, there can be smoke without fire.

Artists are often enticed to work for free, to create works of art, which are served in exchange for visibility in connection with the respective issue. In the former case, the reward remains invisible.

At Kitagalleria’s summer exhibition, eight excellent artists offer wonderful works of art to the public. Everything you can’t see, on the other hand, belongs to the theme of the exhibition, i.e. Invisibility. Experiencing a work of art often requires deepening, stopping and time, when thoughts and, in the best case, imagination try to fill in possible gaps. Experiencing an art exhibition is exactly this at its sweetest: the pieces of the body of work confuse thoughts and feelings individually, so that each experiencer’s exhibition experience is very intimate and personal. “Art is a lie that helps us see the truth” – Pablo Picasso

Welcome to the exhibition! t. Tuomo Vuoteenoma / KITA

KITA is a Museokortti (Museum Card) destination. The summer exhibition of 2024 has been supported by the Taiteen Edistämiskeskus (Arts Promotion Centre Finland).

Exhibition open 15.6.- 25.8.2024 from Tue to Sun 11-18

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