We welcome professional artists and art students of all disciplines and nationalities to submit their applications to the international Haihatus Artist Residency in fall 2022 – spring 2023.

The individual residency periods are one to three months long. The residency includes workspace and accommodation. Workgroups are also welcome to apply!

Haihatus is an inspiring, relaxed, and international working residence. We have hosted artists from all around the globe for over a decade! You can come to the residence by yourself or with a workgroup. Duration of residencies is usually 1-3 full calendar months.

Common and private working spaces offer opportunities for a great variety of art making from conventional visual arts to performing, dramatic arts. The operation and programs of Haihatus are free in nature and artist-oriented. We provide excellent facilities for you to focus on your work: there are six 10-60 m2 studios to work or practise in, room for performing, a dwelling, a sauna, a gallery house, and a house for art events. Residency is situated in the 100 years old Utopia house, performing arts’ studio is in Fantasia house, and the gallery in Haihatus house. 

Haihatus is located in the countryside in a rural municipality of Joutsa, in the middle of beautiful Finnish lakeland. It is 200 km from Helsinki and the nearest city Jyväskylä is located 70 km away. Joutsa offers good facilities for outdoor activities, free-of-charge gym, village cinema, and all the other town’s services are within a walking or cycling distance. 

Deadline for applications (autumn 2022 – spring 2023) will be 31.5.2022


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