Open Call for Valon Haihatus – Shadows and reflections 2021

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Photo: Benjamin Phillips Novdrachev

Art Center and Residency Haihatus invites artists and performers to Valon Haihatus – Shadows and reflections -exhibition in the last week of October (fri-sun 29.-31.10.) Haihatus has organized Valon Haihatus – light art exhibition for the first time in 2019.

This year’s theme is combinations of different lights, shadows and reflections and theme will be “reasearch shadows and reflections with new ways and illusions”. “Without light we don’t have shadows or reflections, I guess” Jartti figuring the theme. Curators of 2021 exhibitions are artist-musician Risto Puurunen, house artist of Haihatus Benjamin Phillips Nozdrachev and multi disiplinary Tero Jartti. 

Valon Haihatus – Shadows and reflections follows artlovers to a unique milieu from the city lights to Central Finland, Joutsa. Haihatus has a large yard with different landscapes, a gallery and an event house – these places will be full of interesting artworks over the whole weekend.

What we’re looking for?

Haihatus is taking different types of proposals from artists, artmakers and performers – we are mainly looking for installations, sculptures and performances. You can apply by yourself or with an artist group with complete artworks or come to work in our residency (more details of residency option in next paragraph.) 

You can take a view of theme with multiple ways – for example:

– Different shadows
– Shadow silhouettes
– Shading
– Stay in the shadows of something
– Shadows and reflections which form with fire, water, smoke…

What we’re offering?

Haihatus offers to chosen artists 1-2 weeks residency during October 2021. Longer residencies are also possible, we’re glad to answer you question. Haihatus also offers some recycled materials to use.

Application and timetable

Open call starts on 6th of May and the deadline is 31th of May 23:59.

The application is here:
In English:

Please tell us these informations:

– Contact details
– Artist Introduction 
– Exhibition and project descriptions / CV
– Home page or portfolio site (optional)
– A name and short description of your proposed work or performancce
– Images of proposed work (optional)
– Installation requirements

You find photos of places (outside and inside) and more details of gallery rooms to installate here (Link opens to the new window).

More information of exhibition and open call gives you:

Henna Voutilainen

Risto Puurunen
Curator & Chairman of Haihatuksen Henki ry

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  1. Dear Haihatus curatorial team,

    Oh I find It is such a pity that I missed your open-call. I just discovered on social media this evening. I am currently working on the shadow project “Shadow in My House” which includes performance, installation and publication. I am curious if there is any other up-coming opportunity/ open-call for submitting my works?

    Best Wishes,
    Sinwah Lai

    phone: +31 636108778
    instagram: @lifeisart_inpractice

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