Pupurutsa at MusicSunday after party 26.7.2020

26.7.2020 Pupurutsa plays at Haihatus’ MusicSunday after parties at Ravintola Kellari. After party starts at 22:00 and the show starts at 22:30.

Pupurutsa takes influences from electro, punk and experimental music creating songs which lyrics circle around themes of politics and ecology to personal stories. The purpose of the music is to make people move on the dance floor as well as in the society. Pupurutsa is a couple years old and has played mostly in Tampere, for example in Vastavirta club and different kinds of DIY events.

According to their own words “Pupurutsa. Unlikely electronic duo. Taped spectacles. Abrupt lyrics. Wrinkly music. Stiff hips. Frigid moves. With these you can ruin even the best party. Party on!”

Check Pupurutsa’s Valtakunta demo here!

So, after Ville Pirinen and Litku Klemetti shows, make your way to Ravintola Kellari after party to check out Pupurutsa! Entrance is free of charge. Welcome!

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