Residency Programme

The Finnish seasons are diverse, but so unique. What inspires you most?

SUMMER: June, July, August
How about summer in beautiful Finnish countryside? Dipping into clean lake, hiking in the forest nearby, biking and sitting by camp fire through white nights – with new artist friend around the world?
FALL: September, October, November
Falling leaves, peaceful darkness, woollen socks and cozy nights with candle light. Time to get inspired by the nature!
WINTER: December, January, February (even March)
Unique opportunity to experience Finnish winter! If you are into cold weather, snow and winter scenery (perhaps even skiing, ice-skating or sleighing?), winter is your time to work with us.
SPRING: March, April, May
Nature is waking up after a long and cold winter, grass gets green and tulips are blossoming. Perfect time for inspiring work period in central Finland!

Haihatus principles — Artist residence for artists from all art disciplines

Haihatus is an inspiring, relaxed, and international working residence for artist where there are artists all around the globe. You can come to the residence by yourself or with a workgroup. Duration of residencies is usually 1-6 full calendar months.

Common working spaces offer opportunities for a great variety of art making from conventional visual arts to performing, dramatic arts. Joutsa offers good facilities for outdoor activities, free-of-charge gym, and all the town’s services are within a walking or cycling distance.

Residency artists can take part in an annual Haihatus International exhibition. This year, 2021, the exhibition is held in September to October.

Looking for an inspiration from nature or do you just need time to fully focus on your art?

The operation and programs of Haihatus are free in nature and artist-oriented. Artists are able to organise events and performances to present their art during their residency and take part in the annual Haihatus International. We provide facilities for you to focus on your work.


Haihatus is located in the countryside in a rural municipality of Joutsa. It is 200 km from Helsinki and the nearest city is Jyväskylä located 70 km away. There are good daily coach services and you can reach Joutsa in an hour from Jyväskylä and about three hours from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. There are supermarkets, shops, flea markets, restaurants and cafés, a library, and a twice-a-week cinema in Joutsa. The nature is beautiful, and the seasonal changes are outstanding. Outdoor facilities are very good with many lakes and forests and providing great seasonal activities such as swimming, ice skating, and skiing.

Disciplines, facilities and work equipment

We welcome all art disciplines and our facilities are suitable for all your needs. Residents use mainly their own materials and equipment but there are also some materials and tools for joint use. The performing arts’ studio is equipped with for example dance mats and music instruments. We also provide free Wi-Fi, printer, two projectors, media players, screens, two guitars, Hammond, PA system, microphone etc. The house artists advice and help in any ways needed.

There are six 10-60 m2 studios to work or practise in, a room for performing, a dwelling, a sauna, a gallery house, and a house for art events. Residency is situated in the Utopia house, performing arts’ studio is in Fantasia house, and the gallery in Haihatus house. All three houses are available for use for resident artists.


The living spaces are in Utopia house. There are 6 bedrooms (17-23m2) with one or two beds, and they all have a small kitchenette with cutlery. Toilets and showers are shared with others in common spaces.  Common spaces also include bigger, joint kitchen, living space, sauna, laundry room, Haihatus house, Fantasia house, and a large yard.

Two cats, Korhonen and Räisänen are freely purring all over the house, which might the allergic ones be good to be aware of! Here’s also half-time living a friendly dog, Renttu.

Residency fee 2021

500 € / month / person
800 € / double room / 2 persons
300 € / short residency / person
500 € / short residency / 2 persons
100 € / deposit payment

Besides the private bedroom with kitchenette, the price includes studios, common spaces, and some supplies and materials for art making. Rooms are fully furnished including linen and towels. All residence artists can take part in Haihatus International exhibition. Travel and living expenses are not included.

Approved residents are charged 100€ deposit per reservation. Rest of the payment is due the 10th of the month preceding arrival, so if your residency starts in June, the payment is due 10th of May.

The residency fee covers the following:
-private bedroom and kitchenette (including linen and towels) 
-use of multiple studio spaces, including performance and music studio space
-use of art material in the Haihatus collection 
-use of a large range of hand tools and power tools 
-access to all common areas and Haihatus gallery 
-participation in Haihatus international residence exhibition (September 2021) 

Expectations and possibilities

Each applicant is personally responsible for ensuring that all necessary travel, health, personal property, and other insurance policies as well as travel documents are up to date.

Artists have the possibility to arrange workshops and happenings to present their art during the residency. They can also participate the annual Haihatus International group exhibition at the Haihatus gallery.