Voimametsä 2022

Photo: Ilona Savitie
Photo: Ilona Savitie

Voimametsä is a low-threshold community and environmental art project for children and young people, as well as young adults, to prevent and prevent exclusion. It is an entity, each part of which is designed and implemented by the participants – taking note of everyone’s skills and ability to act. The goal of Voimametsä is to create a permanent operating model that prevents exclusion, school dropouts and social deprivation. Voimametsä strives to create well-being through community art and related art-based methods.

Kaisa Vigman and Arlene Tucker will be the directors of Voimametsä 2022.

INFO: Open 10.6. – 7.8.2022 Wed-Sun 11-18 + August weekends Sat-Sun 11-18. Entrance with Haihatus ticket.

Welcome aboard! You can join the trip through our Facebook’s travel diary.

For more information about the Voimametsä, contact:

Kaisa Vigman


p. 044 5824291