Exhibition spaces and application

The exhibition space is at the purple Haihatus house and on it´s yard. The house is a former mental hospital department of Joutsa municipal home since 1950. Since 2002 it has been in contemporary art exhibition use by Art Center Haihatus.

There is 200m2/13 rooms with white walls, including one all black room for wideos etc. In addition there is 200m2 rougher unheated space in the attic. Outdoors there are approximately 1,5 hectare yard, garden and field where are situated various kind of outbuildings; Commentator tower, Shed, Yellow container and a fiberglass tank Bowl.Haihatus is most well known of its annual summer exhibition since 2000.

Residency artists group exhibitions are held at Haihatus house once or twice a year.

Haihatus also rents the exhibition space for artists, groups and associations for their exhibitions in Spring or Fall. You can apply by sending a free-form application to haihatus@haihatus.fi or Haihatus, Jousitie 68-70, 19650 Joutsa, Finland.

The rented exhibition period is one calendar month including the construction and dismantling time.

The fee is 2000€/whole space, 1080€/ rooms 1-7 and 920€/ rooms 8-12. The attic is included. The fee includes exhibition surveillance tue – sat 12 – 5 pm. Promoting and press releases. Insurance, transport, construction, dismantling, opening refreshments, printed material and mailing are not included. Haihatus does not charge sales comission.

blue floor rooms 1-7, red floor rooms 8-13